It is the first article of replica watch Tudor in my blog.

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Talking about Tudor, you may come up with Rolex, because Rolex is more famous than Tudor, but I still want to introduce Tudor today, which is my first article to tell something of Tudor in my blog. And I choose one of the best Tudor models, which is a replica watch Tudor Ranger. It was produced by a big manufacturer, so the quality can be 100% guaranteed.

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If you love watches with classic style, I think you may love this Tudor watch, because it features with classic factors. It is well know that Tudor is belonged to Rolex, which published a series of models in the past a few years, and these models have a big success in the luxury watches market, therefor, the replica watches manufacturer won’t give up this opportunity to copy these models and earn more money.

The watch case and the strap are brushed and polished in a good condition, which were made of solid 316 stainless steel, and the bezel is also well brushed and polished. The diameter of the watch case is 40mm, which fits to those people who doesn’t have a big wrist, as this replica Tudor watch is well made, you can have a great feeling on your wrist.

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The hour markers are in stick shape, except the hour markers which are at 3-6-9-12 position, and the printings are well engraved on the black dial. The hour markers and the printings are full of yellow luminescence, so you can read time clearly and easily as it emits a strong green light in the dark. The send hand is in red color, and the minute and hour hands are in vintage style, which is also filled with yellow luminescence in the middle.

replica watch Tudor

I have tested the movement by a machine,, and the result shows that it only has 2 second daily error, therefore, we say that this replica watch Tudor keeps time accurately. Why? because the watch is equipped Swiss ETA 2826 movement, which is supposed to the accurate and stable movement.

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